On Tuesday, 69 varieties of plants and flowers were officially banned in New York. Many of them may be growing in your yard.

In an effort to stop the spread of invasive plants a new ban has gone into effect that forbids the sale, purchase and transportation of specific plants. For years, invasive species have grown out of control, especially in the Hudson Valley.

According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, many of the plants on the list are deer-resistant, and have become relied upon for landscaping by frustrated homeowners who are tired of their yards being destroyed by deer.  Several species of Honeysuckle, Canada Thistle, Japanese Barberry, Yellow Iris, Sycamore Maple trees and Bamboo are just some of the popular plants that are on the list

The new regulations will not require homeowners to rip out or destroy existing plants, as they only apply to new plantings. Some 29 additional species, although not completely banned, will be forbidden from being planed near public or natural areas. They include the very popular burning bush and Norway maple tree.

A full list of banned plants can be found on the DEC website including common names and photos for easy identification.