It looks like "P" in International House of Pancakes is about get turned upside down... sort of?

The company announced Tuesday that they plan on changing their name to IHOb. A full explanation is expected to come June 11.

So what does the "b" stand for? Breakfast? Biscuits? Bacon?

Perhaps the "b" is for Brawls? People like getting into late night fights at IHOP. Just check out YouTube.

Or maybe it's just some sort of prank or PR stunt? Well, one spokesperson told the NY Post that is not a joke. The Post says that IHOP's parent company Dine Brands Global officially changed its name from Dine Equity in February so maybe this has something to do with it.

Dine Equity did announce they were closing a number IHOP restaurants across the world. Some, have speculated a shift to more healthy foods featured on the menus. CEO Stephen Joyce said back in February that they were looking to buy more regional based fast-casual chains that feature healthy or ethnic food.

Guess we'll find out for sure on June 11!