With Orange County Choppers moving out of their Newburgh headquarters, the question remains: what will happen to the building?

In an interview on WPDH last week, Paul Sr. confirmed that he was auctioning off all of the items inside the building and will be vacating the Orange County Choppers headquarters to move his operation down to Florida. When asked what would happen to the building, OCC board member, Joan Kay, said she believes the current owner is going to put it up for sale.

The 61,000-square-foot glass-enclosed showroom and production facility was custom built in 2008 for upwards of $13 million. Just eight years later, the building was auctioned off for a little more than $2 million.  Located conveniently on Route 17K near the New York State Thruway, the headquarters is a prime piece of Hudson Valley real estate with some incredible possibilities.

We opened up the phones on Tuesday morning to find out what Hudson Valley residents think should happen to the building, and if their response is any indication, the current owners shouldn't have a problem finding new life for this unique property.

Ryan in Kingston called in to say that, at least in the short term, the building should be utilized for distributing COVID-19 vaccinations. The idea isn't a bad one, considering the old J.C. Penney store in Poughkeepsie is currently being repurposed for just that. Another caller had an equally altruistic idea for the massive building; remodeling it into housing for the homeless.

Other listeners said they would like to see the headquarters bring new business to the area. Paul in Beacon thinks the building would be perfect for an outdoor sporting goods store like Bass Pro Shops or Cabela's. April in Wurtsboro suggested that the building would serve well as a new brewery. With plenty of room for production facilities, the building already has a pretty good-sized bar and restaurant.

Steven in Newburgh said that he'd like whoever buys the building to keep the local stage open for local bands. As for the rest of the property, he suggests opening up a White Castle. honestly, the thought of eating White Castle sliders while watching live music sounds like a home run to us.

Still, others say that the building should continue to be used as an entertainment complex, as Orange County Choppers has most recently been doing. Tom in New Hampton thinks an indoor skateboard park and BMX bike trail would attract lots of people.

But it was a listener by the name of Al who we thought had the best idea. He suggested utilizing the building as a convention center. With it's proximity to I-84 and the Thruway, it would be a great place to hold car shows or even a ComicCon. The area already has plenty of hotels for out-of-town guests and is conveniently located close to the airport. If the idea wasn't already home run, the building already has the letters "OCC" out front, which could easily stand for the "Orange Convention Center."

What do you think should become of the OCC headquarters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, on our Facebook page or by sending us a text on the WPDH app.

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