The most popular Irish bar in the Hudson Valley has been serving patrons for 25 years. But now the building and its business are on the market.

There are some Hudson Valley bars that are more than just businesses, they're landmarks. They've become such an integral part of the local culture and community that it's hard to imagine a time when they didn't exist. Sadly, more and more of these local institutions are disappearing, leaving residents with nothing but memories of the good times spent there.

One of the most famous Irish bars in the Hudson Valley may be joining these long-gone landmarks. Sweeney's Irish Pub in Walden is currently for sale. Founded by Gary Sweeney in 1997, the bar has withstood everything from a devastating fire to a global pandemic thanks to its dedicated owner. Sweeney immigrated to the United States from the Village of Ramelton in Donegal, Ireland in 1989. After living in Yonkers and working as a bus driver, Sweeney finally put down roots in the Village of Walden where he opened Sweeney's Irish Pub & Restaurant on Orange Avenue in 1997.

Known for its legendary St. Patrick's Day celebrations, Sweeney's Irish Pub has become the place to congregate on March 17. Patrons show up as early as 6am for a full Irish breakfast, live music and entertainment. Excitement builds to a fevered pitch as the crowd anxiously counts down to that first pour of Guinness at 8am. After suffering a fire in 2002, Sweeney's was entirely rebuilt in 2004 and is still in pristine condition.

The building, business, and all restaurant equipment are included in the sale which is currently listed for $995,000. The property also includes an upstairs apartment that can either be occupied by the owner or rented out to a tenant.

Local patrons are hopeful that whoever purchases the bar will continue to operate it as is. No one wants to imagine celebrating St. Patrick's Day anywhere else than Sweeney's.

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