A Hopewell Junction woman is seeking $20 million from Kentucky Fried Chicken over what she believes to be false advertising.

The NY Post reports that Anna Wurtzburger from Hopewell Junction hired a lawyer after having a disappointing meal at KFC.

The 62-year-old grandmother says that she saw a commercial for KFC that depicted a bucket of chicken filled with food that she believed would last for "a couple of meals." But after purchasing the bucket for $20 she was disappointed when it contained much less chicken than she expected.

Wurtzburger told the NY Post

They say it feeds the whole family … They’re showing a bucket that’s overflowing with chicken... You get half a bucket! That’s false advertising, and it doesn’t feed the whole family. They’re small pieces!

After complaining to KFC's corporate offices in Georgia, Wurtzberger was given some free coupons. The company explained that the chicken was shown overflowing from the bucket in the commercial so that customers could get a better look at the food.

Wurtzberger, a retired corrections officer who was employed at the Fishkill Correction Facility, calls the explanation "B.S.," saying "If you want the public to look at your chicken, put it in a dish." The Hopewell Junction grandmother is on social security and feels the company knowingly ripped her off. So she decided to return the free coupons to KFC and hire a lawyer.

Wurtzberger's legal counsel has filed a $20 million lawsuit on her behalf.  KFC has responded by calling the lawsuit "meritless."

In 2012 UPI reported that an Anna Wurtzberger from Hopewell Junction pled not guilty to 41 charges of animal cruelty after 200 animals were removed from her home. We could not immediately confirm that this is the same Anna Wurtzberger involved in the KFC lawsuit.

What do you think about Wurtzberger's complaint against KFC? Do you think she has a case or is she finger lickin' wrong?