A local woman is quite lucky to be alive after quick-thinking emergency crews performed a water rescue near a train station. Some details are still unclear, though sources say the woman and her vehicle somehow ended up in the water late Tuesday night. Officials even say some civilian fisherman nearby initially tried to rescue the victim from her vehicle, though their attempt proved futile. Rescuers were later able to pull the woman from her vehicle, though officials say she is in critical condition at a local hospital.

Rob Sullivan
Rob Sullivan

Where Did This Happen? 

The Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department said on their Facebook page that the woman drove her car into the river near the Croton-Harmon Train Station late Tuesday. The Fire Department's post said the car had crashed into the Croton River but had drifted into the Hudson River by the time crew arrived. The accident happened near the southern end of Metro-North property, where the Croton meets the Hudson by the trestle bridge area.

Rescuers were able to retrieve the woman from the car and she was then placed on the department's marine boat, where CPR was performed. From there, she was handed off to EMS and rushed to Westchester Medical Center. Officials have not yet disclosed exactly what happened, and whether or not she suffered a medical incident that may have caused the crash. An investigation into the matter continues.

Cars in Water

In other news, a New York state man and his vehicle also ended up in the water in late March. In this particular case though, it looks like alcohol was involved. This is what happened one early Sunday morning when an allegedly intoxicated driver lost control of their vehicle and hit a house in New York state. It didn't end there though. Before being done, this 60-year-old driver ended up crashing his vehicle into a nearby body of water, as well as racking up a number of charges according to police.

WHAM says the man somehow failed to navigate an intersection and went off-road early Sunday morning. From there, he hit a house in Edgemere before half submerging his vehicle in a channel of water. First responders were able to pull the man from the vehicle safely. But while the suspect was uninjured during the crash, he is now facing charges such as Driving While Intoxicated as a designated offense for a previous conviction within 10 years, and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation.

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