Something unexpected was lurking in a Hudson Valley woman's burrito bowl.

What would you do if you discovered a piece of hardware in your dinner? Andrea Bisel from Middletown was faced with that question after she found a metal bolt in her meal.

Spectrum News reports the incident happened after Bisel and her coworkers made an online order at the Chipotle in the Orange Plaza in Middletown. While inspecting her burrito bowl, Bisel discovered the metal bolt that was just under an inch long.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

After photographing the bolt, Bisel shared the picture with Spectrum News who reached out to the company and county officials for answers. The Orange County Department of Health says they have no records of complaints about the restaurant and Chipotle responded to the report with the following statement

We take all claims very seriously and we have apologized to our guest for not delivering a perfect experience in our restaurant. We are thoroughly investigating the claim, and we will take immediate action to make sure it doesn’t happen again,

As for Bisel, she doesn't plan to file a complaint but does want the restaurant to make sure no one else gets a surprise in their burrito bowl. She's calling for the staff to beef up their food safety procedures and make sure employees are properly trained.