A woman who has become infamous for spewing hatred and racism on a local bus has been arrested.

Anne Marie Messiano from Pearl River was caught on film berating the driver and passengers of a Transport of Rockland (TOR) bus following route number 92 through town. A series of disturbing videos show the 57-year-old woman using profanity and racist language as she lashes out at people on bus 235.

The scene was captured by local resident, Zoe Mac, who uploaded several videos of the woman to his Facebook page. The shocking videos have outraged many people because of Messiano's racist language and ugly behavior.

The Hudson Valley woman is shown in one video yelling at a black man saying “F–k you and your n—-r f–king people!” After directing her tirade to the bus driver and another group of passengers she starts yelling "I’m sick of you motherf–kers! You got papers to be in this country?"

Warning, the video contains disturbing language:

The Rockland County Sheriff's Office announced on Thursday that they arrested Messiano as a result of their investigation. After gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses Messiano was located and arrested for criminal obstruction of breathing and aggravated harassment. One video shows Messiano yelling "in this country, we have what’s called the First Amendment right" before attacking the photographer as he documented her public meltdown.

Rockland County Executive Ed Day released the following statement.

while some are focusing on this woman’s hateful speech as being indicative of Rockland County I am seeing the exact opposite. The responses of all involved: law enforcement, bus employees, passengers and all of those on social media who commented or shared these videos clearly show that there is no place for this type of hate filled speech in Rockland County.

We want to know what you would do if you witnessed a scene like this. Would you speak up against this woman's racism? Let us know your thoughts about this ugly incident in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.