We thank all veterans for their service, but one well-deserving Hudson Valley veteran just got a $10,000 thank you.

On Wednesday morning The Boris & Robyn Show surprised Ken Wojtak with the announcement that he has been chosen as this year's WPDH Vet Who Rocks.

Ken Wojtak is a Hudson Valley veteran and school teacher with five years of active service. He's also spent almost six years in the Reserve and National Guard services. While spending time away from his wife and two daughters aged 12 and 10 hasn't been easy, Ken remains dedicated to serving his country.

This educator and family man recently spent 11 months in the middle east serving as an active duty infantry officer in a Stryker Brigade for the Army. While serving, the Hudson Valley vet followed his passion for education by organizing a literacy program that connected soldiers with students.


Just four days after returning from his latest deployment in the middle east, Ken jumped right back into the classroom, writing up lesson plans for his Earth Science classes at FDR High School in Hyde Park. This shows you just how strong Ken's commitment to others is. While most people would be enjoying some downtime and reacclimating to civilian life, this veteran's only thought was about his students.

Ken's wife Jackie calls the vet a "humble man who puts the needs of others before his own." Ken can be found spending his spare time mentoring kids at the high school regardless of whether they are his students, helping to keep them motivated and headed towards a path after graduation.

Ken will receive $10,000 thanks to Tompkins Community Bank, Unity Ambulette, Xterior Solutions and MHA of Dutchess County..