If you want a joint, just stop by on Friday. That's the message one Hudson Valley business owner is sending to his customers.

The promotion is called Free Joint Friday and, as you probably guessed, if you come by the store on Friday you'll get a free joint. The idea is the brainchild of Grant McCabe, owner of The Leaf NY and Smokers Mecca in Beacon.

McCabe says he came up with the idea because, well why not?

The owner says that customers over the age of 21 can just stop into Smokers Mecca on Main Street between 3:00pm and 6:00pm on the first and last Friday of each month and pick up a genuine marijuana joint with no strings attached.

This isn't synthetic cannabinoid or some other version of THC, it's real weed

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McCabe declined to say exactly how much pot he's planning to give out but rest assured, he says there's plenty to go around. As for the legality of giving out a bunch of free pot, McCabe says he's not worried about that because what he's doing is well within the law. Although his attorney called him an "idiot," McCabe explains that while it's still illegal to sell pot to customers right now in New York State, possessing it or giving it away is perfectly legal.

I like doing wacky stuff... I just want to spread some good will and this seemed like a fun thing to do.

McCabe didn't reveal where he obtained the marijuana that he will be giving away for free, but says he's preparing to sell pot once it becomes legal to do so. He has already submitted for a recreational license for his other business, The Leaf NY. In the meantime, the owner hopes Free Joint Friday will get people talking about Smokers Mecca, which he says has taken a hit ever since flavored vapes have been outlawed in New York. Between that and complications from running a shop during COVID, McCabe says he can use the publicity.

You can stop by this Friday between 3:00pm and 6:00pm to pick up a freebie. While there will be plenty to go around, McCabe says it's going to be first come first served. "But don't worry, if we run out this week I'll just roll more for next time."

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