A local restaurant is the place to be for fans of a popular television show this fall.

Beacon has become the trendiest spot in our area. With new restaurants and shops opening up, the sleepy Hudson Valley town is attracting tourists and causing a buzz with travelers throughout the region.

One spot that was generating publicity for Beacon long before its sudden popularity is the Pandorica restaurant. In 2014 the unassuming restaurant gained national attention after theming the dining spot after the Doctor Who television series.

The Pandorica is completely decked out with Doctor Who artwork and images. Their unique menu also reflects food items inspired by the popular sci-fi show. Since their opening, thousands of Doctor Who fans have made a pilgrimage to the restaurant.

The Pandorica has embraced their connection with Doctor Who by hosting special events and viewing parties. This summer the restaurant hosted a special dinner with actress Caitlin Blackwood, who played a young Amelia Pond on the series from 2010 to 2013.

With a new season (and a new Doctor) right around the corner, the Pandorica has announced that they will be hosting a premiere viewing party. On October 7 guests can watch the Doctor Who season premiere while munching on Krafayis Chicken Cottage Pie, Gallifreyed Potato Pancakes, or maybe even some Fish Fingers and Custard.

Doctor Who fans are welcome to come dressed in character, but those time lords will need to pre-pay and register for the event in advance. You may want to keep your eyes on the restaurant's website and social media to secure your reservation, as these events usually sell out quickly after reservations are made available. But even if you can't get reservations, don't despair. The Pandorica plans on hosting viewing parties whenever a new episode airs this season. You can follow The Pandorica on Facebook for more information.