A passionate Hudson Valley paintball team has found themselves the subject of a new documentary.

Kevin Donaldson left his lucrative career as an insurance executive to pursue his passion. The former vice president of AIG now spends his weekends in Newburgh shooting people with paint pellets.

According to Fox News, Donaldson just woke up one morning and realized he had enough. "Ultimately, one day, I said 'I’m done. I’m done with corporate life." That's when the former businessman says he became consumed with paintball. "It was my whole life."

YouTube/Fox Nation
YouTube/Fox Nation

Donaldson's passion has been documented in a new special titled Paintball: America's Secret Pastime. The show documents the history of Donaldson's team, The Master Blasters and tells the stories of some of its members. Much of the show was filmed at the team's practices in Newburgh, NY while preparing to attend the ICPL event at Badlandz in Chicago in October of 2020.

The Master Blasters have been playing paintball together since 1986. Based in Newburgh, the team plays in tournaments all over the world. Although Donaldson is a former businessman, the team is made up of players from all walks of life. These mechanics, teachers, nurses and other "regular Joes" have all become one big paintball family that has been practicing together in Newburgh for years

According to the team's Facebook page, the Master Blasters appeared on Fox and Friends to promote the new show and encourage people to check it out. The documentary, Paintball: America's Secret Pastime is now streaming on Fox Nation.

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