A heated debate over the budget ended in someone throwing poop at the mayor.

The City of Hudson Budget Workshop drew a large crowd of angry citizens after the Mayor announced a city employee would no longer serve as youth services director. Residents spoke up loudly, yelling at Mayor Rick Rector over the changes to the budget. At one point, a bag of feces was flung at the mayor.

A video of the meeting shows the mayor talking with constituents when the bag is hurled towards him. The bag, which is believed to have contained dog feces, hits the mayor in the arm and falls to the floor. It does not appear that Rector was injured in the incident, but he was visibly startled. You can see the incident for yourself in the video below at the 54-minute mark.

According to the City of Hudson Police Department, the main suspect is a man who entered the town meeting wearing a white hoodie. If anyone has any information on the poop thrower, they're encouraged to step forward and contact authorities at (518)828-3388.