Daniel Rose-Levine can perform a very impressive feat (or is it feet?). The 15-year-old Red Hook resident can solve the Rubik's Cube in just 16.9 seconds.

But Daniel doesn't use his hands or his fingers, he does it using only his toes.

It's one of those things you have to see to believe, so that's why we invited Daniel to show off his skills for us on Wednesday morning. Arriving at our studio with a box full of cubes and a special pad to equipped with a timer, Daniel seemed like any other normal kid. Most people would never know he has an incredible superpower.

Daniel explained that he first got interested in solving Rubik's Cube about four years ago when a friend at camp introduced him to the puzzle. After watching tutorials on how to solve the cube, he was hooked. The young student has since memorized thousands of algorithms and patterns that he intuitively uses to solve the puzzle in seconds.

While attending a cube tournament a few years ago, Daniel discovered that there were many different categories that cubers could complete in. Some contestants were solving the cube blindfolded, and others were attempting to do it with their feet. After suffering from hand injuries from cubing so much, Daniel figured he would give his feet a try. And the rest is history. After solving the cube in just 16.9 seconds, Daniel captured the world record.

When asked if he's worried about someone taking his title, Daniel says he's been working hard on getting even quicker. This weekend Daniel is headed to Ireland to compete in the Irish National Championships to see if he can beat his own record.