If you're underage and want to purchase booze, apparently the Hudson Valley is the place to be.

Statistics recently released by the Governor's office show that the Hudson Valley is a hotbed of underage alcohol sales. 2017 was a record year for underage New Yorkers attempting to purchase alcohol with a fake ID. State and local police have been working with the Liquor Authority and the DMV to conduct investigations into underage alcohol use at restaurants, bars, convenience stores and concerts.

The Hudson Valley had one of the lowest amounts of fake IDs seized, but remains one the highest region outside of New York City for illegal alcohol sales to minors. In 2017 there were 142 instances of businesses selling alcohol to underage customers. This is the highest number in the state outside of New York City, which reported 414 sales. Taking into consideration the drastic difference in population size between the Hudson Valley and New York City, we certainly have a problem.

Why would fake ID arrests be so low when illegal alcohol sales to minors is pacing at record highs? Perhaps underage drinkers in the Hudson Valley don't think they need fake IDs since so many businesses seem to have no problem selling alcohol to minors.

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