Sean Patrick Maloney was stopped on Capitol Hill and asked to weigh in on a pressing issue.

Online bloggers are speculating about the possibility of Elsa coming out as gay in the upcoming sequel to Frozen. Many are hoping that the character breaks down some barriers and reveals that she has a girlfriend. While Disney has no comment on the issue, TMZ decided to ask our own, openly gay congressman about what he thinks.

There are tons of important political issues going on right now, but ok...  sure. Let's see what our congressman has to say about the fictional ice princess.

I give Maloney serious points for not dodging the issue and giving a really great answer. But there's no forgiving him for forgetting Hermey the Elf's name. Congressman, his name isn't Harvey. Perhaps you're confusing him with civil rights icon, Harvey Milk?  Either way, here's hoping that kick-ass answer scores you and your kids an invite to the red carpet premiere of Frozen 2. For those of you who haven't seen the trailer yet, it looks pretty amazing.