Some Hudson Valley cable customers may not be aware that they're owed money.

No one likes their cable company. I don't know why, but the local internet or television provider of your choice is probably your least favorite company to deal with. Maybe it's because of their high prices or not-so-great customer service, but whatever the reason, cable company employees always seem to be our least favorite people to talk to.

While some of the criticism may be unfair, it's hard to argue with the millions of complaints you'll find just by Googling any local cable company's name. Most of the criticism comes from hidden fees and price increases that seem to come out of nowhere. Once you're a customer it's awfully hard to leave, especially if they're the only option in your neighborhood.

So when a cable company lets you know that they're actually giving you an unsolicited refund, it may make you wonder if the entire world has turned upside down.

Well, that's exactly what happened to me this week when I received a message from my TV and Internet provider. The email started by saying "Great news!" I was immediately suspicious because the news I usually receive from them is that they're adding a channel I don't want and also increasing my bill. But this time it was really something great.

The message explained that I will see a refund on my next bill as a credit. The money is a result of sports programming that didn't air this year due to the pandemic. It turns out that some of the regional sports networks have refunded the company money because of a reduction of programming due to COVID-19 restrictions. You may have seen similar rebates on your bill last year. Once again, the company says they're passing 100% of that returned money back to customers.

While they make it sound like they're giving us the money as a kind gesture, they probably are required to by law. Otherwise, I'm almost certain they'd pocket the refund.

Regardless of the reason, it's pretty nice to be getting some money back from my TV provider for a change. If you think you're due a refund, be sure to check your next bill. If you don't see a line that shows the rebate, simply give them a call and find out if you're owed one.

Of course, you may be on hold for a few hours or so...

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