If you see a couple of elves pulling up to your neighbor's house, don't be alarmed.

This year everyone is doing their best to spread much-needed holiday cheer to friends and neighbors. One Hudson Valley business has taken the idea to the next level, offering an unforgettable delivery service that will amaze your kids, and put a smile on everyone's face.

According to Furniture Today, Raymour & Flanigan has launched free Elf Delivery for three days leading up to Christmas. From December 15 to 17, customers can have their furniture delivery brought to their home by Santa's elves. The service, only being offered in select markets, is available to customers at the Poughkeepsie store on Vassar Road.

Elf Delivery can be requested for yourself, or as a surprise for someone you know who has a furniture order on the way to their home. All you have to do is visit the Raymor & Flanigan website and fill out a nomination form.

For those receiving the special holiday visit, the company's popular white-glove service will include delivery personnel fully dressed in elf costumes. It's unclear whether they'll be talking in elf voices too, but we're almost certain that cookies will not be accepted as currency.

While this looks like a lot of fun for customers, you do have to feel for those delivery workers who may or may not be on board with jingle bells and pointy hats while lifting a couch into your living room. So, if you are lucky enough to receive a special elf delivery, make sure you open up that wallet. Service like this, especially during the holidays, is more than worthy of a nice, big tip.