Do you think you could eat an enormous burrito in 30 minutes?

It's the food eating challenge that has Hudson Valley diners wondering if they have what it takes to demolish "El Diablo."

The gauntlet is being thrown down by a Mexican restaurant that recently was recently voted the favorite of the Hudson Valley in this year's Battle of the Best. Mexicali Blue in Wappingers Falls has created a special menu item, that if eaten in a half hour, will earn you the crown.

The challenge is simple. You have 30 minutes to eat a four-pound burrito stuffed with either steak, pork or chicken. However, the burrito must also be eaten with a half pound each of coleslaw and refried beans. After that's all finished, you'll also have to eat dessert, which is a ghost chili brownie.

It sounds daunting, but if you can complete the challenge you'll get the whole meal for free, a t-shirt and your photo plastered on the wall of the restaurant.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Since the challenge started in December, 10 victims have failed to finish the meal. If you think you have what it takes to demolish El Diablo, you could be the very first one to win the challenge.

For restaurant hours and more details on taking the challenge, you can visit Mexicali Blue online.