A Hudson Valley bar featured on Spike TV's Bar Rescue is now up for sale.

In 2014 Jon Taffer visited the Undisputed Bar in Yonkers to document his help in turning around their failing business for an episode titled "Thugs With Mugs." Owners were called out on the show for allegedly pouring cheap liquor into top shelf bottles.

Revealing the rip-off created an all-out brawl in the bar, creating one of the most memorable moments in Bar Rescue's five-year history.

After helping the owners realize the error of their ways and making over the bar, the business was renamed SoYo Craft Bar. According to The Journal News, SoYo's business increased for a short time after the episode aired, but then eventually fell back down.

Rowdy crowds and police activity at the bar probably didn't help matters either. Police say they visited SoYo 65 times in the past year, making 17 arrests and charging six patrons with felonies. In August of last year a 33-year-old man was shot outside the bar and hospitalized.

The bar is being offered for $150,000, which is what The Journal News says the owners claim they've invested in the restaurant. The episode of Bar Rescue featuring the business depicts the owners as receiving approximately $90 thousand in free renovations.