There are a number of schemes that scammers will use to get your money.

Many scams involve money transfers from through companies like Western Union and MoneyGram.

According to the Ulster County District Attorney’s Division of Consumer Affair, money transfer may be useful when you want to send funds to a person you know, however they're completely inappropriate when dealing with a stranger.

Scammers will pressure people to use money transfers, so they can get the money before the victims realize they've been cheated.

Typically, there is no way you can reverse the transaction or trace the money. When you wire money to another country, the recipient can pick it up at multiple locations, making it nearly impossible to identify them or track them down. In some cases, the receiving agents of the money transfer company might be complicit in the fraud.

Money transfers are virtually the same as sending cash, as there are no protections for the sender.

There are many examples of scams that involve money transfers, including lotteries, mystery shopper, sweepstakes, family emergency scams, apartment rental scams.

Consumer affairs can be reached at (845) 340-3260.