When I lost my first tooth many years ago, the tooth fairy left me two shiny quarters. And I was thrilled. I would gladly give up a nasty old tooth for two shiny coins. It seemed like a great trade. Well, the 50 cents thing didn’t last too long. In fact, every tooth I lost after that got me a quarter. Because it wasn’t the very first one. But I was happy because it still seemed like a great deal.

When I tell people I got a quarter, I always get this look of pity. Even the people I know who are in their 40s got a dollar per tooth. So what are kids getting for a tooth nowadays? Apparently, most of them do much better than I did. Alex, our 29-year-old producer, used to get ten dollars per tooth. Ten Bucks? Good thing I never had kids. I knew I didn’t have money to send a kid to college, but I thought I could afford the tooth fairy. Wrong. 

I put the question out to my Facebook friends and found that many people my age got a quarter or two.  Now I don’t feel so bad. I’d say the majority of the people got a dollar, and that’s what most of them give their kids now. Some get five bucks, and some get toys. Some even get twenty dollars. But we also got a few funny answers. Tom said his kids got a dollar and he got a note that said to brush better. Ken said he got a second tooth.

So, what do you think? Is twenty dollars too much? Just for losing a tooth? Is a quarter enough? We’d love to hear what you got and what your kids get now. And be sure to brush and floss your teeth.

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