Are heirlooms even a thing anymore? I remember many years ago when my grandparents passed away, there were so many things handed down. Fine china, a few paintings and other family heirlooms. I think my sister got some very fancy old porcelain canisters. I got some old Pyrex, which I actually started collecting years later.

Nowadays, nobody seems to want any of the old stuff that our parents and grandparents collected. Including me. My nieces have no interest in the fine china. I don’t want it either. Space is limited and I have acquired so much of my own stuff through the years. My siblings and adult nieces feel the same way. Are we more practical and less sentimental than we used to be? I think we are. 

In a time when life is so complicated and busy, it seems as though people want to clear clutter both physically and emotionally. Especially things we don’t need and will never use. I would honestly rather see a stranger enjoying my family heirlooms than to see them sitting in boxes in a family member’s attic, not being enjoyed by anyone. If you love them, keep them. But if you’re keeping them out of guilt, it doesn’t make sense to keep them.

If you feel guilty about donating or selling something that’s been handed down in your family, don’t. Isn’t it better that those things are being used and appreciated? We get to hold onto many happy memories, but holding on to objects that we are not using or displaying seems silly. I say offer it to family first, and if nobody wants it, get rid of it. Guilt free. 

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