My favorite time to shop is during the holiday season. The funny thing is, I don't find myself enjoying the big department stores as much as I use to. I find that I like to shop in small local shops instead.

I am not sure exactly when the luster of the mall wore off. It wasn't with COVID-19, it definitely happened before the pandemic. Don't get me wrong, I still spend plenty of time shopping at malls and big-box stores, but during the holiday season, I am looking for something cozier. Some might even say more "Hallmark Channel". There is something about small shops and local retail during the holidays that just gives it a bit more of a Christmas feel as you browse for gifts.

One of my favorite types of shops during the holiday season is farm markets. Just because the apple picking season has ended doesn't mean you still can't find a farm market that is open and looking for you to stop in for some holiday shopping.

I have a few farm market shops that I enjoy going to all year round and I am lucky that most of them stay open during the colder months. Some will close for a month or two which if you ask me is a well-deserved break but others will stay open all year long.

So where can you shop for gifts and goodies at a local farm market this month?

Hudson Valley Farm Markets for Holiday Shopping

These Hudson Valley Farm Markets are great for doing holiday shopping. They all have gifts and goodies. Here is a list of Hudson Valley Farm Markets.

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