This is a perfect example of going for a nature hike ill-prepared. Three hikers are lucky to be safe after their trip up New York's highest peak got them stuck on the mountain. Aside from not dressing properly for the big hike, DEC Rangers said the stranded hikers had a lot of trouble reading a map, which made this rescue mission even more challenging.

WNYT says the three hikers climbed Mount Marcy the day after Thanksgiving. The DEC says the group first called for help that afternoon after sunset, saying they needed a ride down. They wouldn't be found until right before 10 PM that night, according to sources. Rangers said that that area of Mount Marcy had around eight inches of snow on the ground at the time. The trio was apparently just wearing sneakers. Yeah, not good for hiking, especially in all that snow and ice.

NY Upstate says that rescuers were finally able to get the group safely to their vehicles. Maybe these aspiring outdoors people will ask for some proper hiking boots for the holidays?

Mount Marcy is the highest peak in all of New York state at 5,344 feet. The mountain is located in the Adirondack High Peaks in Essex County. Snow can start to fall in that part of the state by October, so by the time late November rolls around, the peaks can be covered.

In another daring rescue (this time, where the one in need was of the four-legged variety), NYS Troopers and highway maintenance helped corral a runaway dog. Patch reports that the dog named Bou somehow got loose and ran out on I-95 near New Rochelle Monday. It turned into a team effort between NYSP and Thruway Maintenance, who were able to slow traffic and help corner the escaped dog until he was safe again. The New York State Police shared a pic on their Twitter of Bou reunited with his owner. Officials say he suffered injuries to all four of his paws but is otherwise okay. Aside from that, Bou appears to be quite well judging from the look on his face.

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