How cool would it be to be part of a big community project? A project that is sure to bring joy to the kids of that community, and I'm talking about kids of all ages. You actually can be part of the new Imagination Pavilion at the Main Library on Grand Street in Newburgh.

The Imagination Pavilion is an outdoor creative performance space designed for children and families to enjoy independently or at library programs. This Saturday, Oct. 10, between 1PM and 4PM, children and teens are invited to decorate elements of the canopy or decking and platform.

While the kids are decorating the Imagination Pavilion, the adults can volunteer to paint quilt squares on the Newburgh Freedom Quilt Project, a collaborative effort that is a salute and a welcoming visual celebration of the Harriet Tubman sculpture arriving in Newburgh as a traveling exhibit from October 12 through December 12. This project is about the people of Newburgh, so your quilt square can have your special touch, a quote, a signature, a sketch to go along with the design.This is a great chance for you to give back to the community by creating with the community. Social distancing and masks required, and the event will be outdoors so dress appropriately for both the weather and painting activities.

Even though I have not lived in Newburgh for many years, I grew up in New Windsor. I shopped in Newburgh, went to school in Newburgh and watched Newburgh hit highs and lows. It's refreshing seeing the community come together to help Newburgh hit more highs than lows. For more information about this weekend's projects at the Newburgh Free Library, check out the Library facebook page or website.



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