Sunday's mild temperatures are expected to give way to colder and stormier conditions as a nor'easter will impact the northeast by Monday.

Some parts of the Hudson Valley could see anywhere from one to three inches of rain.

The big question seems to be whether or not it will be cold enough for frozen precipitation.

Initially, forecasters said most of the precipitation was just going to be just rain. Now, some of the weather models are calling for colder temps which could lead to sleet and freezing rain, particularly in the northern parts of the Hudson Valley and Catskills.

The storm is expected to hit the area late Monday morning to early afternoon. Strong winds are also expected across the region, with some gusts approaching 40 m.p.h.

The good news is that it still isn't cold enough for snow. If it were cold enough this could have meant we'd be seeing up to three feet of snow.

But since there could be heavy sleet in some areas, you're going to need take extra precautions while heading home from work or school Monday afternoon. Be safe.



Hudson Valley Storm Center


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