The heat and oppressive humidity has already been quite enough, though some forecasts are saying it's going to get even hotter across New York state.

The exact definition of a heatwave may vary by area or region, though many meteorologists will define it as three consecutive days where the high temperatures is at least 90 degrees or higher.

According to Extreme Weather, the last 90 degree days in Poughkeepsie were on July 12 and 13th, where it reached 90 degrees both days, respectively.

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Hudson Valley Weather Forecast 

The Weather Channel says that temperatures could climb to 90 again by Wednesday, under mostly sunny skies. But Thursday and Friday are calling for both days to see highs again above 90, according to forecasts. ABC7 says that heat indices by Friday could reach close to 100 across many areas of the Hudson Valley.

Poughkeepsie's highest temperature for 2023 was June 2, when it reached 95 F

Average vs Above Average

According to Cool Weather, summers in New York state average around 66.5 F (with both high and lows averaged in). That places us at 39th hottest in the country.

However, the Southern and Western parts of the U.S. aren't the only parts of the nation that can get scorching hot during summertime. Extreme Weather Watch says it reached 104 F in Poughkeepsie on August 1, 1933. And that was way before air conditioners had been installed, so you can imagine how brutal that must have been.

Last 100 Degree Day in Poughkeepsie

According to Extreme Weather Watch, the last time it was 100 or above in the area was July 22, 2011, when it reached 102 F in Poughkeepsie.

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