Let's play a game. I'm going to throw out a few words and you guess whi I'm discribing. Ready? Musician, actor, golfer, charitable, funny, smart. I'm talking about none other than Alice Cooper. And today is his 72nd birthday.

In all my years in the rock and roll business I have never seen Alice Cooper live. I find that kind of amazing. And disappointing. I do have a bit of a connection to Alice Cooper, though. I am friendly with his original bass player Dennis Dunaway and his wife Cindy. Cindy also happens to be the sister of Neal Smith who is the original drummer for Alice Cooper. Not "eat at our house" friendly, but we do attend some of the same parties and have mutual friends. But I've never met Alice Cooper. Oh well.

Happy Birthday, Alice! Thanks for all of the great music, your incredible showmanship, and your ability to laugh and make others laugh. You're a class act and a fine musician.

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