A serious accident completely shut down a portion of Route 9 in the Town of Wappinger on Tuesday and reports say it involved another daredevil motorcyclist.

Both north and southbound lanes were completely shut down during the early afternoon hours on October 3 after what some witnesses say was a gruesome accident that took place near Adams Fairacre Farms.

While reports are still unconfirmed, those who were in the vicinity of the accident say a motorcyclist was seen driving at a high rate of speed and doing tricks before striking a vehicle. Emergency personnel were called with reports of a severed limb and other life-threatening injuries.

Facebook/John McBride
Facebook/John McBride

A video posted to Facebook by John McBride shows a Medivac helicopter sitting on Route 9 waiting to transport the motorcyclist. Another video posted by Larry Sheehan shows the helicopter coming in for a landing on the closed highway.   It's unclear if anyone else involved in the accident sustained injuries.

If the first-hand accounts are true, the incident is sadly something that many motorists say they were expecting to happen.

There has been an increase in reports of reckless motorcyclists doing wheelies and tricks while weaving in and out of traffic on Route 9 in Dutchess County. We recently reported on one rider who was spotted not far from the site of Tuesday's crash.

After the report ran, my social media account was spammed by local trick riders who left threatening messages and violent comments directed at those who were criticizing the unsafe rider.

There appears to be an underground group of stunt riders who feel as if it's their right to break traffic laws and put themselves and others in danger. Sadly, Tuesday's accident did not come as a surprise to many Hudson Valley drivers we spoke with who had their own harsh words for motorcyclists who ignore their own safety.

We will most likely receive more information about the accident after the investigation into its cause is completed. Regardless of the outcome, many drivers we spoke with hope that this serious accident will serve as a wake-up call to those bikers who continue to ride recklessly up and down Route 9 despite pleas from motorists to do their stunts elsewhere.

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