A motorcyclist with a death wish took to the roads in Poughkeepsie this week and drivers were visibly terrified.

I was riding south on Route 9 a mile or two just north of the mall when cars began slamming on their brakes. A mile down the road I approached a red light and saw several drivers yelling out of their windows at a motorcyclist waiting at the intersection. I pulled up next to the motorcycle just as the light turned green and he looked at me and smiled before zooming ahead and doing a wheelie. But I was not prepared for what would happen next.

After popping that wheelie, the daredevil sat spread-eagle on his bike, leaning all the way back so the bike was almost completely vertical.

A. Boris
A. Boris

If that wasn't crazy enough, he jumped up on the seat and pulled the bike even higher. Placing one of his feet on the road behind him as he continued to ride on one wheel. Then, like a ballerina, he crossed his legs over and did some sort of fancy kick off the side of his bike.


The biker's display of sheer stupidity went on for so long that we were able to capture most of it on video as we safely hung behind. Even watching the footage now I can't believe that this actually happened on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie.

The police always seem to be there when you pick up your phone at a red light to check your messages or fail to completely come to a stop when no one else is at the intersection. But, of course, the authorities were nowhere in sight when this guy put on his little daredevil show all the way down Route 9. And, to no one's surprise, the illegal biker had no license plate to report.

After posting the footage to social media, most viewers became just as outraged as me and the other drivers who witnessed this act of stupidity. Commenters were mostly in agreement that this person had no right to put other drivers in danger. But then the video began to get shared within the outlaw biker community, who rushed to the attention-starved biker's defense. Most messages of support called his tricks "cool" and berated those who were upset with his illegal stunts, characterizing them old and lame.

A. Boris
A. Boris

For all of those bikers who think that stunts like this are cool, that's great. But can you please get this out of your system on a closed road or parking lot? We're just trying to go about our day driving to work, getting to the doctor's office or bringing our kids safely home. We're not interested in watching you make an idiot out of yourself and splatter your brains all over our car.

What do you think about this biker's antics? Do you think he's super cool or a menace to the road? Let us know your thoughts by sending us a message on our mobile app.

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