Have you ever witnessed a UFO? Members of the Mutual UFO Network want to meet you.

On Saturday, October 14, world renowned UFO researcher, Linda Zimmerman, will be at the Danbury Library to discuss sightings throughout the Hudson Valley area. Her lecture will include details about "silent, massive triangular and V-shaped UFOs" that were spotted throughout our area in the 1980s.

Hudson Valley residents who have had encounters with UFOs are being invited to come by during the day to tell their stories to sightings archivists who will conduct interviews throughout the conference. Members of MUFON will also be on hand instructing people on how to properly document their own encounters and become an actual UFO hunter.

Other lecturers will speak throughout the day on local sightings and who (or what) may be visiting us. For a full list of speakers you can check out the Danbury Library's official event page.

The event is free and will take place from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, October 14. Seats are limited, so UFO enthusiasts are encouraged to reserve their seats ahead of time.