Your neighbors right here in the Hudson Valley may have been secretly cooling their homes using their front lawn, and now you can too.

Google took the covers off of their semi-secret project this Wednesday, finally revealing to the world that they have developed a cleaner, more efficient way to cool your home. The project, named Dandelion, has been tested by residents right here in the Hudson Valley for the past six months.

CNET explains that Dandelion uses geothermal energy to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Through a series of plastic tubes, Dandelion moves heat from under the ground into your home in the winter and then takes the heat and pushes it back underground in the summer. The system is said to be twice as efficient as a standard air conditioning system and four times that of your average furnace.

While the revolutionary home cooling system may save tons of money in the long term, it's currently very expensive to install. CNET reports that the average installation is $20,000. Homeowners, however, can expect to save as much as 20% on their yearly heating and cooling costs.

The good news is that you no longer need to be a test subject to benefit from this new technology. Dandelion is now officially available to all residents of the Hudson Valley. To find out more and see if your home is eligible you can fill out a short form on Dandelion's website.