As we get into the holiday shopping season, we start to go down our lists on who needs what and how. Out of ideas? Don't want to stuck in crowded stores during a pandemic? Well, the state of New York may have donated a few extra things in Santa's sack (huh huh) this year, but where these items came from may surprise you. If you're a sports fan, you're going to want to pay attention to this.

NBC is reporting that a state agency plans to auction off a bunch of sneakers and sports memorabilia it seized in a drug raid on Long Island. Well, there you go. The items go on sale online in the next couple of weeks, according to sources. What's up for grabs? According to the agency: 188 pairs of sneakers, and 14 pieces of sports memorabilia. NBC says that the memorabilia includes photos, jerseys, and assorted autographed items.

And yes, some of the sneakers are Air Jordans. The Office of General Services said the sneakers and other Jordan related apparel come with verified certificates of authenticity. So, this isn't some imitation cheap stuff we're talking about here. It's the real deal, according to authorities.

This could be the gold mine for a sports fan in your family or circle of friends. Do you know anyone who's obsessed with sneakers? People freak over the special releases the major brands hold. Even the ones that look like crap can go for hundreds. Some are not even from sneaker brands. Then you have others that drew inspiration from your hometown.  

Anyhow, keep a lookout for these items when they're auctioned off. This could save you a trip to whatever places or stores happen to still be open this holiday season.

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