If you’re a Sullivan County or Ulster County resident, chances are that you’ve heard of the Little World’s Fair. I grew up in Orange County and have known about the Little World's Fair for decades. It’s actually the longest-running independent fair in New York State. So, what is this fair and where and when can we check it out?

The Little World’s Fair is held every summer (as long as there’s not a global pandemic) in the little Sullivan County town of Grahamsville. This year marks the 142nd year for the fair.  It’s in Sullivan County, but not too far from Ulster County and Orange County, and it’s a beautiful ride from just about anywhere in the Hudson Valley. The Little World's Fair may be the thing that put Grahamsville on the map. It’s 3 days of fun, food, community, and lots of out-of-towners wanting to check out the famous Little World’s Fair.

When is the 2022 Little World's Fair?

This year’s Little World’s fair will be held on Friday, Aug. 19 from 9 AM - 10 PM, Saturday, Aug. 20 from 9 AM - 11 PM, and Sunday, Aug. 21 from 9 AM - 6 PM at the fairgrounds at 8230 Route 55 in Grahamsville. A whole weekend of fun for the whole family. The fair will feature rides, games, food, agriculture and livestock exhibits, crafters, and plenty of entertainment.

How Much is Admission to the Little World's Fair?


Your admission includes free parking, access to exhibits and contests, and free entertainment. And admission is ridiculously low. Only 3 bucks for kids and 6 bucks for adults. Kids under 5 and adults 75 and older get free admission. Now that’s what I call a fair price… pun intended. Want to find out more about the Little World’s Fair in Grahamsville? Check out the Little World’s Fair website.

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