The weekend’s over and it’s time to get back to work here on The Boris and Robyn Show. This week is going to be especially fun. Record Store Day is coming up this Saturday, Aug. 29, and we’ll be giving away gift cards to Darkside Records in Poughkeepsie all week.

We’ll also be getting ready for Record Store Day with an interview with our friends over at Darkside. They’ll let us know what to expect on Record Store Day with a global pandemic. Speaking of coronavirus, we’ll check in with Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro and find out how the county is doing in the fight against the virus.

And as usual, we’ll be talking to Commander Tom on Wednesday morning with our weekly Veterans Update, attorney Jonna Spilbor will be on with us Thursday offering free legal advice. Plus we’ll keep you updated with the latest news and traffic, rock news, the Stoner Report, some laughs and lots of great music. Thanks for being here with us everyday.

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