A Hudson Valley homeowner couldn't believe her eyes when she found a fox sleeping on her back deck.

Last week, Poughkeepsie attorney Jonna Spilbor found a fox napping just outside her sliding glass doors. According to Spilbor, her first instinct was to run outside and hug the furry little creature, but instead, she called an animal expert for advice on what to do.

After consulting with Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, Spilbor says she learned that this is the time of year when baby foxes are left by their parents to fend on their own. After viewing Spilbor's video, the animal rescue suggested that the fox looked weak and was most likely just tired and hungry.

Before Spilbor could offer the fox something to eat, he was up and gone. Not wanting to stick around to meet his host, the animal jumped off the deck onto the driveway and ran away.

Jonna Spilbor
Jonna Spilbor

If you happen to see a fox in your yard don't be alarmed. It's most likely just exhausted from fending for itself for the first time. Just give the fox its space and it will eventually be on its way.

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