Officials say they were called to rescue a climber in New York state who had reportedly fallen a significant distance and sustained serious injuries.

Hikers and other outdoors people can often underestimate the area they're crossing or the distance they have to climb, leading to accidents. In early April, the DEC says that four hikers got stuck trying to cross a swollen stream that was the result of meltwater from receding snow packs.

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According to the New York DEC website, Forest Rangers conducted 359 search and rescue missions in 2022 alone.

New York DEC Rescues Injured Climber 

The Department of Environmental Conservation says that they responded to a report of a fallen climber around Keene, NY Sunday afternoon. Six Rangers reached the 23-year-old Connecticut man at the Spider's Web area, who had fallen 40 feet. Since the injuries were described as "significant", Rangers called in a helicopter to help conduct a hoist rescue.

State Police flew the helicopter, as Rangers stabilized the injured climber. After the climber was flown to Marcy Field, he was picked up by a LifeNet helicopter for transport to the hospital.

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Emergency Crews in the Hudson Valley Save Man and Dog From Water

Town of Tuxedo Police says they assisted multiple agencies back in December 2022 to rescue a person who had fallen into the water at Sterling Forest. Officials say the unidentified man was walking his dog when the dog got off the leash and ran away to the water nearby. The man then naturally jumped into the water to save the escaped pooch.

Officials were able to help rescue both the man and the dog, by pulling them up a ledge using ropes. Town of Tuxedo Police called the performance "an outstanding response and demonstration of interdisciplinary cooperation to protect the lives of the people in our Community."

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