As we enter the final days of September, the weather continues to cool across the Hudson Valley. Nights have seen lows fall into the 40s, which is around normal for this time of year. Could we see some frost Friday morning? Forecasters say it is a possibility. As the weekend approaches, meteorologists are also watching the remnants of Hurricane Ian and how it could affect the area. 

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian moved ashore Wednesday on the western coast of Florida as a powerful Category 4 storm. Ian as brought catastrophic damage and storm surge to the coastal area, and has left over a million people without power. Ian will continue to move through the state Thursday, before pushing back out over open water and then turning back towards the coast.

It could take many weeks for the full extent of the damage to be accessed.


Will Ian's Remnants Bring Heavy Rain to the Hudson Valley? 

Forecasters say the storm will impact coastal areas of Georgia and the Carolinas before its remnants move inland. As of now, Hudson Valley Weather says what's left of the storm could miss the Hudson Valley to the south over the weekend, though they will keep a close eye if conditions change.

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Right now, the forecast is calling for rain Saturday and Saturday night. The Weather Channel says an inch of rain could fall in the Hudson Valley area, with more rain on the coast of Long Island and New Jersey. Of course, this could change between now and then .

ABC says the heaviest rain this weekend should fall during the late morning to early afternoon Saturday. Sunday will see some scattered showers, mainly to the south. Monday will bring a chance for rain as the storm finally backs out off shore. But ABC does say that we could still get heavy rainfall into Tuesday, as the tail of the storm continues to spiral westward towards out area.

Matt Francis
Matt Francis

Frost Advisory 

Hudson Valley Weather says that there is a Frost Advisory in effect early Friday morning for a good portion of the Hudson Valley. According to the Farmer's Almanac, we're a few weeks early for first frost. The Almanac says that Poughkeepsie's average first frost is October 14. TWC says that overnight lows Thursday night into Friday morning are expected to dip to the low 40s, with upper 30s in the Catskills.

Coldest Temperature Ever in the Hudson Valley?

According to, the lowest temperature ever recorded in Poughkeepsie was on January 21, 1961, when the mercury fell to a bone-chilling -30 F. For Newburgh, their coldest temperature ever was February 8, 1967, when it hit -20 F. Of course, there could be even lower temperatures recorded for other areas north of Poughkeepsie and Newburgh, or in higher elevations.

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