Fireworks displays are popping up in stores throughout the Hudson Valley this month, but one town isn't having it.

The use of non explosive fireworks, such as sparklers, is now permitted throughout much of New York State. But one local community has voted to opt out of the law, banning all types of fireworks within the city limits.

Most Hudson Valley residents will notice displays in department stores and supermarkets filled with legal fireworks. Law permits the sale of these non-explosive fireworks for 30 days leading up to the Fourth of July.

Unlike the rest of the Hudson Valley, residents of the City of Middletown do not have the ability to purchase, own or use these fireworks. A citywide ban was put into place after the State of New York allowed local communities a vote to opt out of the fireworks law.

John Ewanciw, the Middletown chief of police, reminded residents of the ban in an open letter posted to the city's website. Ewanciw explains why the ban was put in place by the City Council

Our elected officials want to ensure that all of our residents remain safe and free to enjoy our quiet and peaceful community, without the excessive noise and substantial injury risks that fireworks pose.

Frustrated residents point out the fact that fireworks made legal in New York State don't explode or make any noise. All of the types of fireworks that disrupt the peace and quiet of the community are already outlawed throughout the state.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the ban, residents of Middletown are warned that the law will be enforced this 4th of July season. Not to worry, though. There are still plenty of free fireworks displays throughout the Hudson Valley that are scheduled for the week of 4th of July.