I have written many times about how important it is that we support our local volunteer emergency service agencies. Ambulance corps and fire departments all over the Hudson Valley are staffed by men and women who volunteer their time to be there for us when we need them the most.

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One of the things COVID has robbed us of over the past two years is all those great food fundraisers that our local fire departments would run monthly to help keep money coming in to keep the departments on the ready. Pancake breakfasts, chicken dinners, even sub sandwich nights were all part of the great food available at Hudson Valley firehouses for us to enjoy.

Other ways these dedicated volunteer service agencies raise money are by holding events like psychic reading evenings, bingo nights, tricky trays, and vendor fairs. COVID may have put these types of events on hold in 2020. Then 2021 there weren't as many as in the pre-COVID days, but something is telling me 2022 is going to see the return of these types of fundraisers for our local volunteer emergency service departments

Here is what I have found to date:

Walden Fire Department: CRAFT FAIR - Sunday, February 6th, 2022 from 12 PM to 4 PM at the Walden Firehouse at 230 Old Orange Avenue Walden. All the vendors are local Moms from an Orange County Moms Group.

If you are part of a local fire department that is planning to schedule events for later this year please let us know so we can the word out.

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