Did you see it?

Since around 9 o'clock Friday night, multiple reports have come in over fireball sighting across the Eastern United States. And by multiple we mean about 348 from across the region.

Many of the sightings came from New York state, particularly the Southern Tier. WENY says that the estimated beginning of the fireball was north of Hershey, PA,

Witnesses described the fireball as a bright, multicolored light with a tail. Reports say the fireball event could be seen for about three to seven seconds.

View the map of the event HERE.

Reports of the event came in from all over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, from Virginia to parts of Canada.

Here's a brief surveillance clip that was uploaded to YouTube, taken in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, It's not the best angle, but it give you an idea of what everyone was seeing Friday night.