Celestial events like Monday's total solar eclipse don't happen every day. What was dubbed by the press as a once in a generation event, brought literally hundreds of thousands of people together across New York state, from Niagara Falls to New York City.

But while many were feeling the wonder and awe of such an overwhelming and unique conjuncture, others had other plans. According police in one village in the Hudson Valley, two men got into a fight during the eclipse.

Two Men in Westchester County Apprehended For Allegedly Fighting During Eclipse 

Pelham Police say a fight broke out between two men Monday afternoon.

The Village of Pelham Police Department shared on their Facebook page that at approximately 2:45 PM Monday, in the area of Lincoln Ave and Fifth Avenue, there was a dispute between two male individuals.

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Officials did not say who was involved, and what the dispute was exactly over. However, given the time of the alleged incident, the two parties more than likely started the dispute right as the solar eclipse was set to begin.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Pelham Police said they arrived on scene and the incident was quickly contained by responding officers.

It has not been disclosed whether one of the parties tried to convince the other to stare directly at the Sun without protective glasses. though the two males were detained and the incident is under investigation, says police.

Authorities assured that there was no threat to public safety, however it can be assumed that the surrounding residents and gatherers were relieved that they didn't have to listen to a couple of assholes go at it during an otherwise joyous occasion.

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Solar Eclipse Photos From Upstate New York

Listeners from around the Capital Region share there photos of the the once in a lifetime solar eclipse that took place on Monday April 8, 2024.