Hudson Valley residents probably don't know Facebook categorizes users by political preferences. Here's how to find out and how to stop it.

Viral posts on Facebook claims that Facebook knows your political preferences based on your activity. Snopes looked into it and found the claim to be true.

To see what Facebook has you labeled as follow these steps if you are using your phone:

  •  Settings & Privacy
  •  Account Settings
  • Ads
  • Your information
  • Review & Manage Your categories
  • US politics

On a computer click THIS LINK then follow these steps:

  • Your information
  • Your categories
  • Look for the box "US Politics"

If Facebook is wrong about your political beliefs, or if you don't want Facebook factoring in your political beliefs, here's how you get rid of it.

On Mobil: 

  • Click the three vertical dots that appear after "US politics"
  • Click "X Remove Category"

On a Computer: 

  • Place your curosr over the "US politics"
  • Click "X"

These steps can be applied for every category.

According to the New York Times, even if you don't like a candidate's Facebook page, Facebook may identify your political beliefs based off other non-political pages you like.

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