If you're looking forward to seeing the leaves turn to spectacular colors this year, you may want to prepare for some disappointment.

The Journal News reports that Fall may be coming early this year, and will most likely not be as colorful as in years past. You can blame the recent heat wave and drought conditions for the lackluster foliage. Experts say that the lack of rain has stressed out most of the trees in our areas, and when trees are stressed they tend to drop their leaves quicker.

Hudson Valley residents have started to notice leaves turning from green to brown, skipping over those vibrant shades or yellow, orange and red. Dry, curled up leaves are already blanketing some lawns and driveways, a sign that Fall may not live up to expectations.

The dry weather conditions may have also impacted the growth of local apples. Some are predicting that we will see smaller fruit due to the lack of rain. With Fall being a big season for tourists and local business, there is reason to be concerned. However, we're not expecting Fall to pass us by entirely.

Experts agree that there will still be plenty of foliage to see in our area, even though it might not last as long or be as bright as we're used to. So when those trees start to change be sure to notice it and enjoy the scenery. Because before you know it, those leaves will be long gone and we'll all be dreaming of Spring again.

We want to know what your Fall plans are. Will you be taking any day trips to view the foliage? Where is the best place you like to view the Fall colors?