For some reason, fast food places seem to bring the worst out in some people. A wild brawl escalated at a McDonald's Monday morning, and it reportedly all started because a customer wanted three different slushy flavors all mixed together. Didn't some of us do this back when we were in our early teens? Well, don't tell this lady. However, this was a case where employees actually were able to stand their ground and fight back against an unruly individual. The customer is not always right.

See the video HERE.

The video of the encounter has circulated all over social media, showing the irate 44-year-old customer screaming at and confronting the restaurant employees behind the counter. An employee can be heard telling the others to call the cops. This only makes the customer even angrier, as she suddenly swings and hits the manager on duty in the head.

Get the f*** out, b**ch!!!

The other employee tells her not to hit her boss and that she (the customer) can go to prison for this. After more verbal exchange, the customer briefly appears to calm down and even offers an apology. She wasn't sorry for too long though. After filling up her glass with ice, she proceeds behind the counter towards the slushy machine and is again confronted by the employee. That's when things really get crazy. The customer attacks, but the McDonald's employee fights back and throws her to the ground. The fed up worker jumps on top of the out of control woman and pummels her. Guess she learned her lesson?

Soon, a police officer arrives and puts the slushy crazed woman in handcuffs. WKYC is reporting that she has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault. All that, and she never got her prized slushy, with three different flavors that don't together either. Ba Da Ba Ba Bah! 

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