Thanks to new regulations you can now get electricity for your home directly from the Wappingers Creek.

If you've ever stopped in the Village of Wappingers Falls and peered over the bridge to see the waterfalls, you may have noticed a very large pipe running down the creek. To some, it may be an eyesore, but others see it as a way to save big money on their electricity bill.

The Wappingers Creek has been supplying power to the Hudson Valley since 1909. harnessing the endless waters supply that runs to the falls, the natural source of electricity was used to power homes and businesses in the area for 60 years until a fire stopped production in the 1970s.

After the energy crisis had communities looking for better ways to create electricity, the Wappingers plant was restored in 1988 and has been pumping electricity to Central Hudson ever since.

Harry Terbush and Sarah Bower Terbush have owned and operated the Wappingers Falls plant, as well as two other hydroelectric sites in Wallkill and Salsbury Mills for the past 30 plus years.  Thanks to recent regulation changes, the Terbushes are now able to sell their electricity directly to customers instead of having to supply it exclusively to Central Hudson. According to the owners of the power plant, they say that by cutting out the middleman they can deliver power to homes and businesses for 10% less than the utility company.

Those interested in learning more can attend a free information session at Cousins Ale Works in Wappingers Falls on January 16 at 5pm.