It just wouldn't be the holidays without the Hudson Valley's favorite Christmas egg. Even though he's in quarantine this year, Eggbert fans will be glad to hear that he'll still be making a very special return.

Eggbert has been greeting boys and girls of the Hudson Valley since the early 70s. The beloved Christmas egg holds court at Devitt's Nursery and Supply in New Windsor each year, asking children what holiday gifts they desire and sending the information directly to Santa himself.

Last year, Devitt's announced that Eggbert would be taking a year off. A representative then told us that the risk to visitors was too great explaining, "With the increase of (COVID-19) cases and the difficulty with social distancing we made the hard choice not to do it."

Although the plan was to have Eggbert's Christmas on the Farm return this year, the delta variant forced Devitt's to scrap their plans once again. While many were disappointed, putting the safety of families first was clearly the right decision. But how could we even think about celebrating the holidays without Eggbert? Well, it turns out we don't have to.

The true spirit of Eggbert is alive and well in Newburgh. During an appearance on The Boris and Robyn Show on 101.5 WPDH, Paul Halayko of Newburgh Brewing Company announced that Eggbert will be appearing in the form of a very special beer and kicking off two programs that will bring free pints and some generous gifts to the community.

Newburgh Brewing Company will be releasing its annual Angry Eggbert IPA early this year. Cans of the New England style IPA will be available to the public in the coming weeks. The beer, made with spruce needles, tastes like Christmas in a glass. The label for this year's version of the beer was teased by the brewery on Instagram.

Instagram/Newburgh Brewing Company
Instagram/Newburgh Brewing Company

And just as the beer is released customers will be able to grab a free pint for helping the community. The brewery is participating in the Newburgh Armory's annual coat drive. Those who bring a coat to Newburgh Brewing Company will get a free pint of beer. Halayko suggests that if you have a few coats, bring some friends with you so you can all enjoy a beer on the house.

The true spirit of Eggbert can also be seen in the Brewery's free Christmas tree program. Some of the proceeds from Angry Eggbert will go towards purchasing Christmas trees for local residents who couldn't otherwise afford one. Trees will be handed out discreetly, with recipients able to pick out their tree at Devitt's Nursery in New Windsor, which just so happens to be Eggbert's home. Families can visit the nursery as usual without any big deal being made. Those who are approved for a free tree will simply be put on a prepaid list at Devitt's so when it's time to check out the cost will already be covered.

You can find out more details about these great programs and how to get delivery of  Angry Eggbert on Newburgh Brewing Company's Facebook page.

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