A Hudson Valey father and son with long rap sheets were arrested again during a routine traffic stop on Route 9.

New York State Police have arrested Christopher Craft Sr and Jeremy M. Craft of Rhinebeck for endangering the welfare of a child and illegal weapon possession.

Christopher Craft made headlines in 2009 after holding the principal of a Pine Plains school hostage for over two hours. Police say Craft dismantled a shotgun, snuck the pieces into the school and then reassembled the weapon in a bathroom before loading a single round into the chamber.

Craft ordered the principal to enter his office at gunpoint where he threatened to kill him in an attempt to get the attention of the media. Craft was reportedly angry about his son's treatment by the US Military. While both of Craft's children had once attended the school, they were no longer enrolled when the incident occurred. After a terrifying two-hour lockdown, Craft surrendered to police without harming any students or faculty members and was ultimately sentenced to seven years in prison.

Before this incident, Christopher Craft was said to be well known by local authorities. According to ABC News, the Hudson Valley man had a rap sheet over a decade long that included burglary, possession of stolen property, petty larceny, resisting arrest and other offenses. Craft was also shot during a dispute in 2000.

Craft's son, Jeremy, also has a criminal history. In 2018 he was serving time at the Dutchess County Jail when guards say he accepted a controlled substance from a visitor. Craft was charged with promoting prison contraband and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Dutchess County Sheriff's Office
Dutchess County Sheriff's Office

Years later, the father and son have been reunited and are now once again in trouble with the law. On April 20, the Crafts were traveling with a minor on Route 9 in Hyde Park when their 1994 Ford van was pulled over for what State Police say were "numerous violations of the vehicle and traffic law." Upon investigation, troopers say they discovered Christopher and Jeremy Craft were in possession of a loaded Mossberg 500A 12-gauge shotgun. Because of their previous convictions, both men are barred from possessing a firearm.

Hunting modern rifles and shotgun isolated on white background

In addition to the illegal weapon, troopers say one of the men was carrying an unrestrained child in the front seat. During the arrest, Christopher Craft refused to comply.

Both men were charged with criminal possession of a weapon, endangering the welfare of a child and possession of a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle. In addition, Christopher Craft was charged with obstruction.

The father and son were released on their own recognizance and have been ordered to return to court next month.

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