Early this week, news came from the Putnam County District Attorney's Office that officially closed the metaphorical book on a years long case. Putnam County District Attorney Robert V. Tendy announced that 47 -year old former convict and now convicted drug dealer William E Mancusi III was sentenced to prison for his role in a narcotics investigation that began in 2021.

Putnam County District Attorney's Office
Putnam County District Attorney's Office

Important Case Details

According to the press release from the Putnam County District Attorney's Office, New York State Police Investigators responded to the town of Southeast on November 12, 2021 for reports of fatal overdose. New York State Police Violent Gang and Narcotics Enforcement Team (VGNET) took action and immidiately began an investigation.


In the days following the overdose, agents were able to conduct a series of undercover drug deals. Mancusi provided the undercover agents a "lethal cocktail" of Heroin, Fentanyl and Xylazine, these narcotics being primary contributors in the ongoing opioid epidemic.

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Arguably the most damning piece of evidence revealed in the investigation came in the form of Mancusi's own words. Mancusi was heard on audio recordings bragging that the combination was some of the “strongest” stuff that he has had “in over a year” and urged the confidential informant to “be careful” in using the drugs.

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During the investigation process, an NYSP Forensic Scientist named Jenna Snow conducted a chemical analysis confirming that the drugs were in fact were Heroin, Fentanyl and Xylazine. In addition, it was also confirmed that combination was in fact lethal and very potent.

Defendant's Prior History

This incident is not the first occasion that Mancusi has had with law enforcement. Previously, Mancusi was convicted by a Putnam County Jury for the felony crime of  Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs.

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On another occasion back in 2008, Mancusi was again convicted by jury for the crime of Manslaughter. In that incident, Mancusi was operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs, where he then struck and killed a bicyclist in Dutchess County.

Latest Sentencing

In this latest case, Mancusi was charged with, convicted of and found guilty by a Putnam County jury of two Counts each of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance and Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance in the 3rd Degree.


During his sentencing, Judge Spofford rejected the defendant’s request for a drug treatment facility. Judge Spofford agreed with the findings in the pre-Sentence Report and the People’s argument that the defendant has never expressed any remorse for his actions and that he has repeatedly failed when given opportunities to seek drug rehabilitation for his own admitted addiction.

Similar feelings were communicated by numerous officials after the sentencing, including from District Attorney Robert V. Tendy who stated...

The defendant’s callous disregard for the potential life ending substances he was pushing is difficult to fathom...How he could put so many people in danger is beyond me.

Hand in jail

Mancusi will now be spending the next nine (9) years behind bars. D.A. Tendy would express his approval of the judges decision in this case and of the sentencing as whole by stating...

 Mr. Mancusi is finally being held to account for his crimes and we are grateful to the Judge for sentencing him to 9 years.”

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